Draper 82128 170 G Aluminium Automatic Grease Feeder

SKU: 82128
Expert Quality, 1/8" BSPT thread automatic grease feeder used for applying the optimum amount of grease at a constant discharge of 1 - 2 PSI. The transparent polycarbonate body offers easy refilling, which is achieved by using a standard grease gun. Suitable for use with NLGI 0 to NLGI 4 specification grease, within an operating temperature range of - 23 deg C to 121 deg C (- 10 to +250 deg F). Designed for use on machinery with excessive vibration or shock loadings or in hazardous areas. Able to be mounted in any position, including horizontal, vertical or upside down ensuring constant application lubrication. Supplied with three springs for adjusting the feed rate, ideal for different viscosities and operating temperatures: BLUE - light spring, SILVER - medium spring and RED - heavy spring.