Battery Tester with Printer

Battery Tester with Printer

SKU: LAS5275
Ideal service tool with print out for visible verification of the state of the battery. Suitable for all 12V battery types including AGM, EFB, GEL, Lead Acid and VRLA

Additional Information

  • Battery tester | charging system test | start system test | max load test.
  • Battery tester | charging system test | start system test | max load test.
  • Tests batteries 100-1000DIN | 100-1000IEC | 100-1700CCA
  • Battery test Printout gives: voltage, Battery rating (DIN/JIS etc) Resistance, State of Charge (%) State of Health (%), Time and date, Good, Replace or Caution
  • Supplied in storage case. CE approved. Complete with printer and LCD display.
This new professional battery analyser / tester from Laser Tools (part number 5275) is multifunction and has the useful feature of being able to print off the test results with the date and time recorded. There are four test functions: battery test, charging system test, start system test and a maximum load test.

Once the battery’s capacity has been determined (from the sticker or label on top of the battery), the battery test measures state of charge, state of health (battery condition), and CCA (cold cranking current); the charging system test will advise of overcharging as well as undercharging; the start system test will show up any problems with starter circuit wiring and connections and the maximum load test will determine if the vehicle’s battery and charging system can cope with all electrical equipment on and set to full.

The print out displays the results of the particular test which is a useful record for before and after testing and can also help convince a customer that his battery needs replacing. Detailed instructions are provided which include comprehensive battery size range conversion tables.

  • Battery Tester with Printer